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Best of October 2007

Happy Ending - The Phoenix Foundation
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Happy Ending - The Phoenix Foundation
Wellington favourites the Phoenix Foundation have been busy since we last heard from them with 2005's gold-selling 'Pegasus'. There's been solo albums, babies, collaborations and of course working on the soundtrack for Taika Waititi's cult gem 'Eagle Vs. Shark'... More details...
Kora - Kora
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Kora - Kora
After the success of their self-released EP, this debut has been eagerly anticipated... More details...
In Swings The Tide - Anika Moa
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In Swings The Tide - Anika Moa
If there was ever any doubt that this lady is one of best songwriters this country has ever produced, this album will put it to rest. 'In Swings The Tide' is Anika Moa's most accomplished effort yet and announces her arrival as a fully-matured writer and arranger... More details...
Brazil 70 (Soul Jazz Records) - Various Artists
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Brazil 70 (Soul Jazz Records) - Various Artists
The ever-classy Soul Jazz records follow-up last year's wonderful (and very popular) 'Tropicalia'. The first volume was one of our releases of 2006 and this sequel looks set to follow suit this year!

'Brazil 70 - After 'Tropicalia'... More details...
A Flip And 2 Twisters (Vinyl) - Various Artists
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A Flip And 2 Twisters (Vinyl) - Various Artists
Impressive first release from The Kingsland Vinyl Appreciation Society. A double vinyl package featuring previously unreleased tracks from Jakob, High Dependency Unit, The Subliminals and Straitjacket Fits as well as other oddities from Shihad, the Fanatics and Meterman... More details...
Past, Present, Future - Tiki Taane
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Past, Present, Future - Tiki Taane
Debut solo album from the former Salmonella Dub frontman.
The haunting tones of traditional Maori instrumentation meet Tiki's well-practiced Dub-heavy production and prove to be a potent and natural combination... More details...
Promises Promises - Die! Die! Die!
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Promises Promises - Die! Die! Die!
The second album from everyone's favourite brat-punks sees the trio more mature and much more melodic. Doing the business over seas, 'Promises Promises' was recorded in L.A with none other than Shayne P. Carter handling production duties (which could account for some of this new-found melody)... More details...
Civillians - Joe Henry
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Civillians - Joe Henry
For his 10th album, esteemed singer/songwriter and producer Joe Henry has come up with a career-defining record that will quickly become an obsession to those who lend an ear... More details...
A Maze And Amazement - The Enright House
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A Maze And Amazement - The Enright House
One of New Zealands freshest bands with a big sound! Pop hooks shrouded in big guitars and gentle atmospheres... More details...
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