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Best of February 2005

Lcd Soundsystem - Lcd Soundsystem
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Lcd Soundsystem - Lcd Soundsystem
Half of the New York production team and label known as DFA, James Murphy has certainly been making all the right moves in the contemporary "pop" world, and this debut from his musical alias, LCD Soundsystem, confirms his place in the creative elite... More details...
The Cosmic Game - Thievery Corporation
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The Cosmic Game - Thievery Corporation
After nine years the Washington DC duo of Rob Garza and Eric Hilton have pretty much stamped their trademark dub-meets-lounge sound throughout the "pop" world, and with considerable success... More details...
'64 - '95 - Lemon Jelly
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'64 - '95 - Lemon Jelly
The North London duo Lemon Jelly (aka Fred Deakin and Nick Franglen) have made quite a nice living out of their unique take on "sunny adult downbeat pop" - their first CD release 'Lemonjelly... More details...
Some Cities - Doves
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Some Cities - Doves
Working within the similar kind of epic, yet world-weary realm, of The Verve or Elbow (producer Bill Hiller also produced Elbow's 'Cast Of Thousands'), this Mancunian trio have produced two gorgeous slices of melancholic pop in the form of 'Lost Souls' and 'Last Broadcast'... More details...
Sunday Nights - The Songs of Junior Kimbrough - Various
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Sunday Nights - The Songs of Junior Kimbrough - Various
Lesser known than RL Burnside, the late Junior Kimbrough also recorded for the rough'n'ready Fat Possum label, and like Burnside, Kimbrough made deep and often brutal delta blues, swapping Burnside's looser "punk" orientated bite for a more tribal and "trance" like approach that could be as... More details...
Mathematical Warfare - The Shocking Pinks
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Mathematical Warfare - The Shocking Pinks
The latest addition to New Zealand's legendary Flying Nun roster, The Shocking Pinks are the musical vehicle for the considerable talents of singer/songwriter Nick Harte... More details...
I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning - Bright Eyes
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I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning - Bright Eyes
Having made albums since the grand old age of twelve, Conor Oberst is a prodigiously talented young man who possesses an extremely appealing ragged and rakishly quavering voice, and considerable songwriting skills to match... More details...
Pipeline Under The Ocean - Pluto
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Pipeline Under The Ocean - Pluto
Since the release of their "rather good, but rather ignored", debut 'Redlightsyndrome' in 2001, Pluto have had more than their fair share of ups and downs, of which a two year hiatus due to major legal battles with previous label Antenna was the major of these... More details...
In a Safe Place - The Album Leaf
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In a Safe Place - The Album Leaf
Once considered the home of "grunge", Seattle label Sub Pop (home to early recordings from the likes of Nirvana, Soundgarden etc) has done a wonderful job of reinventing itself of late, releasing delightful leftfield pop works from the likes of The Shins, Iron & Wine and now The Album Leaf... More details...
Matador at Fifteen - Various Artists
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Matador at Fifteen - Various Artists
As the title of this 3 CD set would suggest this compilation celebrates US indie label Matador's fifteenth year of operation, with particular focus on the label's last five years (the 'What's Up Matador' compilation covered the first ten years when released five years back)... More details...
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