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The Upbeats

The Upbeats

Usually Ships: 2 - 6 days
Normally: $34.95
SmokeCDs Price: $14.90
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Disc 1:
  # Track Name   MP3 Sample
  1   Hello   MP3 sample
  2   Drizzle   MP3 sample
  3   From The Deep   MP3 sample
  4   More Than Me   MP3 sample
  5   Wayhay   MP3 sample
  6   Psyesta   MP3 sample
  7   Go Round   MP3 sample
  8   View From The Inside   MP3 sample
  9   Sand Bar   MP3 sample
  10   Peep Hole   MP3 sample
  11   Late Nite Fright   MP3 sample
  12   Wayhay Contd...   MP3 sample
  13   Lobster   MP3 sample
  14   Teef Smasha   MP3 sample
  15   Binge Drinker (Live At The Dargaville R.S.A. 2003)   MP3 sample

Smoke Notes

Jeremy and Dylan from Wellington's The Upbeats enthusiasm is addictive, in the last years their passion for that thing called Drum & Bass has seen many of the duo's demo tracks gain a solid local following, and now with their debut album the audience is set to grow considerably and few are more deserving. Released in association with Loop Records, the album features 15 cuts produced over the last year that range in tempo and style, with everything from Kosheen style Breakbeat, twisted Aphex Twin like Electronica and of course storming Drum & Bass. "Lobster" bounces along like something you'd expect from Ram Trilogy or Moving Fusion, as analogue keys and a strange ambient texture meet a killer bassline and wobbly rhythm. "Late Night Fright" is another solid dancefloor cut, an Amen banger for the heads, and already a firm favourite on student radio. On the other hand "More Than Me" wouldn't be out of place on a Good Looking compilation, and it is lush, melodic Drum & Bass at its best, showing the duo's ear for a fine hook. "Wayhay" is dark Electronica that recalls Plaid, once again full of rich melody and a vivid range of sounds, it's organic and strange, adventurous and bold, and another feather in The Upbeats cap. Constantly suprising, The Upbeats debut not only works as a quality Drum & Bass record, but also as example of just how far New Zealand Electronica has come, unlike artists like the Nomad or the Blackseeds, who are good at furthering a cliched sound, this is cutting edge music by artists unafraid of turning a blind corner - their debut is a celebration of music and no one should be left untouched by that. Recommended.

Product Details

Artist: The Upbeats
Album: The Upbeats
Cat #: noncdog
Date: 19/03/2004
Format: Audio CD
Discs: 1
Label: Self-released
Usually Ships: 2 - 6 days
Genres: Dance , New Zealand , Pop , Rock
Normally: $34.95
SmokeCDs Price: $14.90
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