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Very Short Films DVD

Various Artists (Flying Nun)

Usually Ships: 2 - 6 days
Normally: $39.95
SmokeCDs Price: $22.95
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Disc 1:
  # Track Name Artist MP3 Sample
  1   Anything Could Happen The Clean  
  2   Bridesmaid Bored Games  
  3   Needles And Plastic Doublehappys  
  4   Adults And Children Gordons  
  5   Carolines Dream Childrens Hour  
  6   Death and the Maiden Verlaines  
  7   Neck Of The Woods The Great Unwashed  
  8   Pink Frost The Chills  
  9   Husband House Sneaky Feelings  
  10   Cactus Cat Look Blue Go Purple  
  11   Alien Bird Nest Roys  
  12   North By North The Bats  
  13   Agitator Skeptics  
  14   Buddy Snapper  
  15   Nothings Going To Happen Tall Dwarfs  
  16   She Speeds Straitjacket Fits  
  17   Hold Me 1 Able Tasmans  
  18   Dave The Pimp The Cakekitchen  
  19   Gaskrankinstation Headless Chickens  
  20   Breakdown Town S.P.U.D.  
  21   You Forget David Kilgour  
  22   Not Given Lightly Chris Knox  
  23   Bigger Than Texas The Renderers  
  24   Precious J.P.S. Experience  
  25   Hey Seuss 3Ds  
  26   Hey Judith Dribbling Darts Of Love  
  27   Splat Bailterspace  
  28   Save My Life Bike  
  29   Fingerpops Garageland  
  30   Bitter Nest Solid Gold Hell  
  31   Touch Me Superette  
  32   Voodoo Girl Loves Ugly Children  
  33   Palm Singing Bressa Creeting Cake  
  34   The Crystal Chain The Subliminals  
  35   Spill The Light Betchadupa  
  36   Schallblute HDU  
  37   Exit To The City The D4  
  38   Drag Racer The Hasselhoff Experiment  
  39   Death and the Maiden Stephen Malkmus  
  40   Interstate Boy PanAm  
  41   Post No Bills The Mint Chicks  

Smoke Notes

This DVD is what arguably many New Zealand music fans will find simply essential. Flying Nun has long been the label that is most often associated with New Zealand music, particularly that of an "indie" or "alternative" nature, with a slew of unique acts over the last twenty years or so that have defined "independent" music in this country. And so to 'Very Short Films: Flying Nun DVD'. Containing a massive 41 videos, from the early days of The Clean, Gordons, Great Unwashed, Double Happys, Bored Games and Verlaines, through the creatively "heady" days of The Chills, Straitjacket Fits, Headless Chickens, Tall Dwarfs, Chris Knox, The Bats, JPS Experience, 3Ds, Bailterspace and Snapper, to more recent successes such as Bike, Garageland, HDU, The D4, Panam, Betchadupa and The Mint Chicks, plus numerous points in-between, this is a superb visual overview of this important slice of New Zealand's pop music culture. My one small gripe - in order to represent all bands fairly and equally (as is the Flying Nun way of course) a number of the label's "heavy hitters" such as The Chills, Straitjacket Fits, Verlaines, The Clean, Headless Chickens, Bailterspace, JPS Experience, etc only get one video a piece. Like I say a very small gripe, and maybe the perfect reason for a volume number two (here's hoping). Actually there are some quite fantastic songs and clips here, which all simply confirms the validity of Flying Nun's vision and credibility in the world of "indie" music today. Thoroughly recommended.

DVD Format: PAL All Regions

Product Details

Artist: Various Artists (Flying Nun)
Album: Very Short Films DVD
Cat #: FNDVD474
Date: 07/05/2004
Format: DVD
Discs: 1
Label: Flying Nun
Usually Ships: 2 - 6 days
Genres: Music DVDs , New Zealand , NZ Compilations
Normally: $39.95
SmokeCDs Price: $22.95
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