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The Fanatics (Vinyl)

The Fanatics

Usually Ships: 2 - 6 days
Normally: $21.95
SmokeCDs Price: $17.95
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Disc 1:
  # Track Name   MP3 Sample
  1   TV    
  2   Dead    
  3   Buddy    
  4   Models    
  5   Calling    
  6   Signal    

Smoke Notes

Capitalrecordings is delighted to announce the release of their latest 12? vinyl offering - The Fanatics acclaimed debut self-titled mini-LP. As ever, this is a high quality 180gm pressing from our American vinyl manufacturers, with enough bass depth and treble hit to make you believe The Fanatics are there, throwing around mic stands and power chords off the Jazzmaster right in your lounge. The Fanatics blend dark electronic beats and programmed bass lines with taut angular guitar, and a definite knack for bent pop lurking somewhere in the mix. The duo of David Green (vocals, programming) and Tom Clark (vocals, guitar) punch above their weight in numbers, proving there’s no need for a rhythm section when you have a laptop, a guitar and bouncing off the walls live energy. The Fanatics EP was recorded and mixed by Dale Cotton at audioworkshop and Platform Studios between September 2003 and September 2004, and was released on CD format (CREC1025) by Capitalrecordings in November 2004. All of the songs are written by The Fanatics except the classic Snapper song, "Buddy" (written by Peter Gutteridge - you can find the original version on their self-titled 1988 release through Flying Nun FN110). We love them and so should you - but just in case you don't believe us check out what others had to say: "... All seven tracks offer different experiences that will blow your eardrums, but in an exciting way. They can hold their heads high being, without a doubt, one of the best things currently on the New Zealand music scene." Rip It Up. "Yowzer. Get ready for a punch in the face. Get ready to like it... Electronic mayhem, punchy guitar riffery and techno-shocked beats hammered into your brain with more clout than you could ever expect from a two-piece." NZ Musician. "Don't be surprised if your limbs and insides start contorting in directions unknown when listening to the debut EP from The Fanatics... The Fanatics are something unique. Listen to them and feel staunch on the dancefloor." Time Out/The Weekend Herald. "A staggeringly good EP, The Fanatics are better than sex, though we recommend combining the two... The fact that it's tuneful, accessable and almost radio friendly is testament to the passion and ingenuity possessed by the gruesome twosome..." Re:Mix. Highly Recommended.

Product Details

Artist: The Fanatics
Album: The Fanatics (Vinyl)
Cat #: CREV1210
Date: 15/03/2005
Format: Audio CD
Discs: 1
Label: Capital Recordings
Usually Ships: 2 - 6 days
Genres: New Zealand , NZ Vinyl
Normally: $21.95
SmokeCDs Price: $17.95
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The Fanatics
The Fanatics

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