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Give Me Your Love

The Sisters Love

Usually Ships: 2 - 6 Days
Normally: $39.95
SmokeCDs Price: $32.95
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Disc 1:
  # Track Name   MP3 Sample
  1   Give Me Your Love   MP3 sample
  2   My Love Is Yours   MP3 sample
  3   Ring Once   MP3 sample
  4   Mr Fix-it Man   MP3 sample
  5   You've Got To Make Your Choice   MP3 sample
  6   You've Got My Mind   MP3 sample
  7   Now Is The Time   MP3 sample
  8   Forget It, Ive Got It   MP3 sample
  9   Ha Ha Ha   MP3 sample
  10   I Know You Love Me   MP3 sample
  11   Try It, You'll Like It   MP3 sample
  12   Rise   MP3 sample
  13   Blackbird   MP3 sample
  14   Im Learning To Trust My Man   MP3 sample
  15   This Time Tomorrow   MP3 sample
  16   The Bigger You Love (the Harder You Fall)   MP3 sample

Smoke Notes

Yet another fine archival release from Soul Jazz records - those purveyors of good taste who bought us the fabulous Tropicalia earlier this year. This time around the subject of their extensive vault-trawling and repackaging is 70s Soul/Funk/Disco quartet The Sisters Love.
Starting out in the sixties after members served time as part of Ray Charles' backing singers "The Raelets", the group only ever released singles (for A&M and Motown subsidiary MoWest) which are now as scarce as hen's teeth and fetch big bucks when they do turn up. We've come to expect a high standard of quality from these Soul Jazz releases - and Give Me Your Love is certainly no exception; masterfully compiling all the groups singles into one volume for the first time (and the for first time on CD for most of these tracks), this is the closest we're ever likely to get to a longplayer from The Sisters Love.
The vocals are raw, gutsy and full of emotion from the group's gospel background, offset against some lush musical arrangement and lyrics that are far from gospel and would have been downright risque at the time, like; "if you don't fix it, maybe the milkman can" from 'Mr. Fix It' – showing The Sisters had a cheeky sense of humour and did the "girl power" thing before the Spice Girls were even born. The title track, originally written by Curtis Mayfield, sounds like it could be the theme to a 70s Blaxploitation film (the group actually did cameo in such a film - "The Mack" where they performed the song 'Now Is The Time'). An outstanding track, the song was initially deemed a B-Side and it was only years after it's release and indeed the disbandment of the group that it became an underground disco classic with the help of astute DJs like David Mancuso and Nicky Siano.
Give Me Your Love contains some of the most soulful slabs of funk you're ever likely to hear - and over thirty years later, it's amazing how fresh they still sound today. Highly Recommended.

Product Details

Artist: The Sisters Love
Album: Give Me Your Love
Cat #: sjr133
Date: 31/10/2006
Format: Audio CD
Discs: 1
Label: Soul Jazz
Usually Ships: 2 - 6 Days
Genres: R&B/Soul
Normally: $39.95
SmokeCDs Price: $32.95
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