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Flying Nun 25th Anniversary Box Set (Limited Edition)

Various Artists

Usually Ships: 2 - 6 Days
Normally: $0.00
SmokeCDs Price: $229.00
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Disc 1:
  # Track Name Artist MP3 Sample
  1   Point That Thing Somewhere Else The Clean  
  2   Coalminers Song The Gordons  
  3   The Witch 25 Cents  
  4   Ambivalence Pin Group  
  5   Alien Bilders  
  6   Joe 90 Bored Games  
  7   Something New The Stones  
  8   That's What Friends Are For Mainly Spaniards  
  9   Governed By You Naked Spots Dance  
  10   Native Waiter The Victor Dimisch Band  
  11   Isol Marie & The Atom  
  12   Caroline's Dream Childrens Hour  
  13   What's Going On Fetus Productions  
  14   Pink Frost The Chills  
  15   The Holy Room The Rip  
  16   Neck Of The Woods The Great Unwashed  
  17   Pyromaniac The Verlaines  
  18   The Man With No Desire Expendables  
  19   Needles And Plastic Doublehappys  
  20   Randolph's Going Home Shayne Carter & Peter Jefferies  
Disc 2:
  # Track Name Artist MP3 Sample
  1   Crush Tall Dwarfs  
  2   Kenneth Anger The Exploding Budgies  
  3   Hey Man Alpaca Brothers  
  4   The Wharf With No Name Axemen  
  5   Wheatfields The Weeds  
  6   Barlows House Dead Famous People  
  7   What's In A Name The Orange  
  8   Travelling Grave Goblin Mix  
  9   Immigration Song This Kind Of Punishment  
  10   Trouble With Kay Sneaky Feelings  
  11   Jaffa Boy Bird Nest Roys  
  12   North By North The Bats  
  13   Thief With The Silver Peter Jefferies & Jono Lonie  
  14   The Boy With The Sad Hands Jay Clarkson  
  15   Dave The Pimp The Cakekitchen  
  16   Dialling A Prayer Straightjacket Fits  
  17   Batwing The Terminals  
  18   I Don't Want You Anyway Look Blue Go Purple  
  19   Buddy Snapper  
  20   Don't Know Why Stephen  
  21   Scarey Nest The Dead C  
  22   Breakdown Town S.P.U.D.  
Disc 3:
  # Track Name Artist MP3 Sample
  1   Good Evening Listeners Sombretones  
  2   Meat Chris Knox  
  3   Gaskrankinstation Headless Chickens  
  4   Contracts Queen Meanie Puss  
  5   Skeptic Hagfish Olla  
  6   Glitch N.R.A.  
  7   Flowers Chug  
  8   Sheen Of Gold Skeptics  
  9   The Back Of Her Hand The Magick Heads  
  10   Hey Judith Dribbling Darts  
  11   Touch Of Evil The Renderers  
  12   Bleeding Star JPS Experience  
  13   What Am I Doing Pop Art Toasters  
  14   Philadelphia Rising 3Ds  
  15   Crystalator Dimmer  
  16   Pet Hates Alec Bathgate  
  17   A Sort Of Holiday Rik Starr  
  18   What Will You Do? Garageland  
  19   Splat Bailter Space  
  20   Klingon National Anthem Able Tasmans  
Disc 4:
  # Track Name Artist MP3 Sample
  1   Saskatchewan Superette  
  2   Suck Loves Ugly Children  
  3   Crying Room David Mitchell & Denise Roughan  
  4   Country Sow Solid Gold Hell  
  5   76 Comeback King Loser  
  6   Save My Life Bike  
  7   Chop Me In 1/2 David Kilgour  
  8   Rocky Mountain Bressa Creeting Cake  
  9   Surf's Up In Malibu Chris Heazlewood  
  10   Evermore Martin Phillips  
  11   Brown Paper Bag The Hasselhoff Experiment  
  12   Ghost Club Theme Song Ghost Club  
  13   Spill The Light Betchadupa  
  14   Harmonic Deluxe Robert Scott  
  15   Uh-Oh The Subliminals  
  16   Schallbute High Dependency Unit  
  17   Cattle, Cars & Chainsaws Graeme Downes  
  18   Emily The Shocking Pinks  
  19   Sake Bomb The D4  
  21   Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! The Mint Chicks  
  22   Rebel Toy Love  

Smoke Notes

30 years ago, Christchurch record shop proprietor Roger Shepherd decided to start a record label with the purpose of releasing local original music from the fledgling Christchurch post-punk scene. It wasn't long before Shepherd's "Flying Nun" label had spread it's wings from the garden city, releasing music from Dunedin (where it would forever be synonymous with the "Dunedin sound") and later the rest of the country, before relocating to Auckland and gaining huge international prominence.
In celebration of this milestone, for the first time ever the label releases a retrospective boxset. Jam packed with long out-of-print rarities this set will have fans of the iconic label salivating. The four discs are sequenced in a roughly chronological order with the tracks hand-picked by Shepherd himself (he left the label in the late 90s). The first disc covers the label's early years, with flagship band The Clean aptly getting things started with the epic 'Point That Thing Somewhere Else'. Other obvious names like The Chills, The Verlaines and The Gordons are present but this multi-disc format affords them the luxury of including some obscurities and lost gems from the likes of The Rip and Victor Dimisch Band, not to mention the label's first release - 'Ambivalence' by Pin Group.
The second disc covers the mid-to-late 80's, the years many consider the label's heyday, where second generation Nun bands like The Bats and Straitjacket Fits took the label to the world. Again more rare treats are to be had with Stephen, The Weeds, Alpaca Brothers and This Kind Of Punishment. Disc three continues from the late 80s to mid 90s where the music really hit it's stride with great bands like Skeptics, JPSE, 3Ds and the mighty Bailter Space and the final disc takes us from the mid 90s to the present day where we witness some of the label's key original players going solo (David Kilgour, Martin Phillips, Graeme Downes) and a new generation of fresh and exciting talent like HDU, The Subliminals and The Mint Chicks. Fittingly ending with the pre-Nun band many consider to be one of the label's catalysts - Toy Love.
As well as over 80 songs, the packaging is truly amazing – almost as good as the music itself, is the 100 page coffee table book that is also included. Featuring graphic-novel format liner notes as well as photos and illustrations from each of the featured artists. The whole thing comes packaged in a box, colourfully decorated in Nun memorabilia. If you could only own one Flying Nun item, this is it without a doubt. Essential for fans old and new and a perfect crash-course for the uninitiated who want to find out more about New Zealand's most iconic label - but with only 2,000 pressed you have to be quick - once this goes it's not coming back. Get ordering NOW! Absolutely essential and absolutely recommended.

Product Details

Artist: Various Artists
Album: Flying Nun 25th Anniversary Box Set (Limited Edition)
Cat #: fncd500
Date: 22/11/2006
Format: Audio CD
Discs: 4
Label: Flying Nun
Usually Ships: 2 - 6 Days
Genres: Alt/Indie/Punk , Compilations , New Zealand , NZ Compilations , Pop , Rock
Normally: $0.00
SmokeCDs Price: $229.00
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