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Keep Rising

House Of Shem

Usually Ships: 2 - 6 Days
Normally: $29.95
SmokeCDs Price: $24.95
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Disc 1:
  # Track Name Artist MP3 Sample
  1   Keep Rising House Of Shem MP3 sample
  2   Thinking About You House Of Shem MP3 sample
  3   Cries Of Our Youth House Of Shem MP3 sample
  4   Move As One House Of Shem MP3 sample
  5   Jah Bless House Of Shem MP3 sample
  6   Dreams House Of Shem MP3 sample
  7   New Day House Of Shem MP3 sample
  8   Need To Know House Of Shem MP3 sample
  9   Jah Reggae House Of Shem MP3 sample
  10   What About The Children House Of Shem MP3 sample
  11   Holy Mount Zion House Of Shem MP3 sample
  12   Without You House Of Shem MP3 sample

Smoke Notes

House of Shem's strength is their phenomenal tightness and precision playing combined with the sweetness of their vocal harmonies. Like other popular local groups Kora and Katchafire, this is no doubt down to genetics. It's most definitely a 'whanau thing' with Carl Perkins (Dad) steering the ship.

Carl has been writing and playing reggae music for more than thirty years and as a member of such legendary groups as Herbs, Mana and The Twelve Tribes of Israel Band amongst others, his credentials are impeccable. He is joined in this band by two of his sons, Te Omeka and Isaiah who not only both provide vocals and keyboards, but also share the song-writing duties.

It is this clever distribution of labour that gives this band its variety of flavours and the family's tight musical bond that renders an overall cohesion. Perkins senior's compositions are statesman-like and rooted in the familiar tradition of the greats like Marley, Tosh and Spear. Te Omeka provides a slightly more modern militant and 'dread' style whilst Isaiah brings the sweetness and youth. Each of the three sing lead vocals in the show with the other two harmonizing. Backing this vital vocal trio is one of the most formidable rhythm sections in the South Pacific - Kaya Webster, who has been playing a solid 'one drop' since primary school days and Francis Harawira, bassist who both hail from other well-known local reggae familys.

Earlier recorded works like 'Dreams' and 'What About The Children' which were highlights of the best-selling 'Conscious Roots' compilations are present and there's no doubting that the title track, 'Keep Rising' is a sure-fire hit, but it is Isaiah Perkins' beautiful 'Jah Bless' that steals the show for me. Spiritual lyrics, state of the art production techniques and an understated but heavenly vocal style give this track everything that exemplifies excellence in modern roots music. These guys display the best of both worlds - a traditional NZ roots reggae vibe combined with an innate knowledge of the latest Jamaican sounds. The wisdom that comes with age and experience alongside a contemporary and youthful zeal. For those that like local reggae, this album is a must. It is a refreshingly strong debut and indicates that only great things are in store for this band's future.

Product Details

Artist: House Of Shem
Album: Keep Rising
Cat #: hoscd001
Date: 29/05/2008
Format: Audio CD
Discs: 1
Label: Shock
Usually Ships: 2 - 6 Days
Genres: New Zealand , Reggae/Roots/Dub
Normally: $29.95
SmokeCDs Price: $24.95
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