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Edin & Diamond Side (Special Edition)

Paul McLaney

Usually Ships: 2 - 6 Days
Normally: $39.95
SmokeCDs Price: $34.95
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Disc 1:
  # Track Name Artist MP3 Sample
  1   Dont Want To Know Paul McLaney  
  2   Is This Really How It Feels? Paul McLaney  
  3   Love & Not The Lesson Paul McLaney  
  4   Pick Up The Pieces Paul McLaney  
  5   Half A World Away Paul McLaney  
  6   The Body Never Lies Paul McLaney  
  7   Darling, You Turn Me On Paul McLaney  
  8   Let Me Count The Ways Paul McLaney  
  9   Nothing Paul McLaney  
  10   See You Next Time Paul McLaney  
Disc 2:
  # Track Name Artist MP3 Sample
  1   Once Upon A Time Paul McLaney  
  2   Love Song To Cupid Paul McLaney  
  3   Stealing Away Paul McLaney  
  4   Many More Days of Happiness To Come Paul McLaney  
  5   The Best We Could Paul McLaney  
  6   The Worlds Been Waiting For You Paul McLaney  
  7   Diamond Side Paul McLaney  
  8   Red Letter Day Paul McLaney  
  9   Changes V Paul McLaney  
  10   A Window In The Ache Paul McLaney  
  11   World In Your Eyes Paul McLaney  
  12   Like Ive Never Heard It Before Paul McLaney  

Smoke Notes

Paul who has previously been nominated for Best Male Vocalist at the New Zealand Music Awards now releases his first two critically acclaimed albums in a special edition double pack.

With Paul Mclaneys first album Edin, Paul has come close to finding paradise, and to finding himself as a musician. When Gramsci came to a shuddering halt in 2003. A plaintive McLaney was pondering his next move when friends Breaks Co-Op encouraged him to hit the studio. I stripped everything back to the essential: Like, the minimum amount of air that you can push through your throat to make a sound, trying to rid the music of every single inflection that wasnt mine. This is no over-produced album smoothed over with sequences and multiple session takes, Edin is simply a real recording. But what he doesnt need to talk about is the splendid isolation that comes with being a traveller; the solitude and reflective desolation where every thought has a wilderness to roam within and without; the vistas that stretch out across the horizon for an eternity, the landscapes evoked in Edin.

Diamond Side, Paul McLaney's second album on LOOP was recorded in LA with legendary producer/engineer Michael Frondelli (Crowded House, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones).In his own words - "Recording the album in Los Angeles took me out of my comfort zone and made me knuckle down to the task at hand. I felt completely energized to capture performances of these songs that would merit my own investment into them, Lyrics collide with music, they float in music, they pull meaning out of melodies and recognize in them their divine essence. All of the 12 songs on "Diamond Side" are love songs of one form or another. To me the love song is the most perfect form of the songwriting discipline. Love exists in the space between people's words and love songs yearn for the want of another heart to hear them.

Product Details

Artist: Paul McLaney
Album: Edin & Diamond Side (Special Edition)
Cat #: lpd1
Date: 07/01/2009
Format: Audio CD
Discs: 2
Label: Loop
Usually Ships: 2 - 6 Days
Genres: New Zealand , Pop
Normally: $39.95
SmokeCDs Price: $34.95
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