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Evolution: Past - Present - Beyond


Usually Ships: 2 - 6 Days
Normally: $32.95
SmokeCDs Price: $19.90
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Disc 1:
  # Track Name Artist MP3 Sample
  1   Evolution Intro Deceptikonz MP3 sample
  2   Champagne Moment Deceptikonz MP3 sample
  3   We Here (feat. David Dallas) Deceptikonz MP3 sample
  4   2012 Deceptikonz MP3 sample
  5   Evolution (feat. Adeaze) Deceptikonz MP3 sample
  6   Drama Queen Deceptikonz MP3 sample
  7   Money To Spend Deceptikonz MP3 sample
  8   Blood Is Thincker Than Water (feat. Aaradnha) Deceptikonz MP3 sample
  9   First Born Deceptikonz MP3 sample
  10   Like What (feat. P-Money) Deceptikonz MP3 sample
  11   Standing Ovation (feat. Monsta) Deceptikonz MP3 sample
Disc 2:
  # Track Name Artist MP3 Sample
  1   Elimination Deceptikonz MP3 sample
  2   Fallen Angels (feat. P-Money) Deceptikonz MP3 sample
  3   Here To Stay (MAREKO) Mareko MP3 sample
  4   Stop, Drop & Roll (feat. Deceptikonz) Mareko MP3 sample
  5   Sunshine (feat. Adeaze) Alphrisk MP3 sample
  6   Swing Savage MP3 sample
  7   Moonshine (feat. Akon) Savage MP3 sample
  8   The Don't Know (feat. Aaradnha) Savage MP3 sample
  9   Don't F**k With Me Deceptikonz MP3 sample
  10   It's Alright (feat. Majic Massey) Deceptikonz MP3 sample
  11   Feels Like Magic (feat. Sweet & Irie) Horseman Family MP3 sample
  12   Somebody Devolo MP3 sample
  13   Too Shy Devolo MP3 sample
  14   Them Eyes (feat. J Williams) Mareko MP3 sample
  15   Wild Out (Chooo Hooo) (Feat. Angel Dust & Baby Bean) Savage MP3 sample
  16   Music Featuring Aaradnha Frisko MP3 sample

Smoke Notes

Third and final album from NZ's most successful Hip-Hop Crew - and Savage, Mareko, Devolo and Alphrisk go out with a bang!
These guys have had some amazing achievements in their decade together, as they say in the liner notes: "10 years and 10 back to back records... From 4 boys from Manurewa, to having #1 records and millions of copies sold worldwide". While there may be a touch of sadness that this is their last record together as under the Deceptikonz name, there is also an air of celebration. While this is the end of an era in one sense, it's the beginning of a new one in another. Each member of this crew is a prolific artist in his own right, and they will all be working on each other's material in months and years to come.
'Past, Present & Beyond' also comes with a bonus disc (the 'Past' part of the component of the title, with the new material titles 'Present & Beyond'), that showcases the highlights of their career - both individually and together.

Product Details

Artist: Deceptikonz
Album: Evolution: Past - Present - Beyond
Cat #: 81150
Date: 12/07/2010
Format: Audio CD
Discs: 2
Label: Dawn Raid
Usually Ships: 2 - 6 Days
Genres: Hip-Hop , New Zealand , Pop
Normally: $32.95
SmokeCDs Price: $19.90
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