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The A To Z Recordings (8CD Box Set)

Paul Kelly

Usually Ships: 2 - 6 Days
Normally: $99.95
SmokeCDs Price: $89.95
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Smoke Notes

Housed in deluxe hardback style packaging, 'The A-Z Recordings' takes the listener on a life-journey over 8 CDs. The accompanying 64-page, full colour booklet features images and memorabilia from Paul's 30+ year career as Australia's most loved troubadour.

105 of Paul Kelly's treasured gems have been compiled into this lovingly packaged boxed set. All tracks were recorded live on Paul's A-Z tours. As Paul himself elaborates: "All songs were recorded live between 2004 and 2010 at various places during the A to Z shows. These usually ran over four nights -- each night a different song list as I worked my way alphabetically through around a hundred songs. The idea was to present the songs undressed, in many cases close to how they sounded when they were first written, before being arranged with a band. I imagined a nice chunky booklet to accompany the recordings -- some storytelling, notes on the songs and influences, and so on. I started writing a few things down and didn't stop. Two years later I had a book. To replace the booklet that became a book, I decided to assemble pictures that would tell stories another way. I hope you enjoy them. "

Disc 1 - Night 1 Act 1:
1. Adelaide
2. After The Show
3. Anastasia Changes Her Mind
4. Be Careful What You Pray For
5. Beautiful Promise
6. Before Too Long
7. Beggar On The Street Of Love
8. Behind The Bowler's Arm
9. Big Fine Girl
10. Blues For Skip
11. Bradman
12. (The) Cake And The Candle
13. Careless
14. Change Your Mind
15. Charlie Owen's Slide Guitar
16. Cities Of Texas

Disc 2 - Night 1 Act 2:
1. Coma
2. Cradle Of Love
3. Deeper Water
4. Desdemona
5. Difficult Woman
6. Don't Explain
7. Don't Harm The Messenger
8. Don't Stand So Close To The Window
9. Don't Start Me Talking
10. Down To My Soul
11. Dumb Things
12. Emotional
13. Every Fucking City
14. Everybody Wants To Touch Me
15. Everything's Turning To White

Disc 3 - Night 2 Act 1:
1. (The) Foggy Fields Of France
2. Foggy Highway
3. Forty Miles To Saturday Night
4. Forty-Eight Angels
5. From Little Things Big Things Grow
6. From St Kilda To Kings Cross
7. Gathering Storm
8. God Told Me To
9. (The) Gift That Keeps On Giving
10. Glory Be To God
11. Going About My Father's Business
12. How To Make Gravy

Disc 4 - Night 2 Act 2:
1. I Can't Believe We Were Married
2. I Close My Eyes And Think Of You
3. I Don't Know Anything Anymore
4. I Keep On Coming Back For More
5. I'd Rather Go Blind
6. If I Could Start Today Again
7. I Wasted Time
8. I Won't Be Your Dog
9. Jandamarra/pigeon
10. Jump To Love
11. Just About To Break
12. King Of Fools
13. Lately
14. Leaps And Bounds

Disc 5 - Night 3 Act 1:
1. Little Boy, Don't Lose Your Balls
2. Love Is The Law
3. Love Never Runs On Time
4. Luck
5. Maralinga (Rainy Land)
6. Meet Me In The Middle Of The Air
7. Midnight Rain
8. My Way Is To You
9. No You
10. Nothing But A Dream
11. (The) Oldest Story In The Book
12. One More Tune
13. Other People's Houses

Disc 6 - Night 3 Act 2:
1. Our Sunshine
2. Please Myself
3. Pretty Place
4. (The Ballad Of) Queenie And Rover
5. Rally Round The Drum
6. Randwick Bells
7. Saturday Night And Sunday Morning
8. Shane Warne
9. Smoke Under The Bridge
10. Somebody's Forgetting Somebody
11. Somewhere In The City
12. South Of Germany

Disc 7 - Night 4 Act 1:
1. Standing On The Street Of Early Sorrows
2. Stolen Apples
3. Stories Of Me
4. Stupid Song
5. Summer Rain
6. Sweet Guy
7. Sydney From A 747
8. They Thought I Was Asleep
9. Thoughts In The Middle Of The Night
10. To Her Door
11. Until Death Do Them Part

Disc 8 - Night 4 Act 2:
1. When I First Met Your Ma
2. Winter Coat
3. Won't You Come Around?
4. Would You Be My Friend?
5. You Broke A Beautiful Thing
6. You Can Put Your Shoes Under My Bed
7. You Can't Take It With You
8. Your Little Sister Is A Big Girl Now
9. Young Lovers
10. You're 39, You're Beautiful And You're Mine
11. Your Loving Is On My Mind
12. Zoe

Product Details

Artist: Paul Kelly
Album: The A To Z Recordings (8CD Box Set)
Cat #: GAWD100
Date: 16/02/2011
Format: Audio CD
Discs: 8
Usually Ships: 2 - 6 Days
Genres: Pop , Rock
Normally: $99.95
SmokeCDs Price: $89.95
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