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A Treasure (CD/Blu Ray Disc)

Neil Young & The International Harvesters

Usually Ships: 2 - 6 Days
Normally: $34.95
SmokeCDs Price: $32.95
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Smoke Notes

The CD + Blu-ray edition of 'A Treasure' features a curated selection of video that lends context and imagistic power to the tracks.

'A Treasure' includes songs -- 5 of which are previously unreleased - recorded during Neil Young's 1984 and 1985 U.S. tours without the support of an album or Young's then record label due to unique and unusual circumstances. 'A Treasure' features Young's onstage work with some of the greatest artists in the history of country music, including the late, great Ben Keith on steel and slide guitar and Rufus Thibodeaux on fiddle, along with living legends Spooner Oldham and Hargus "Pig" Robbins on piano, Tim Drummond and Joe Allen on bass, and Karl Himmel on drums, among many others.

The live album captures this iconic artist during a fascinating time in his career, when he was facing criticism and lawsuits from his then current record company for exploring a more traditionally country sound. "You can call me erratic," Young said when asked at the time about his tendency toward musical shape-shifting, "but I've been consistent about it, consistently erratic."

Always celebrated for his musical versatility, 'A Treasure', is akin to a sonic time capsule, instantly transporting the listener to the time and place when it was made. "I love this record," Young says. "I hadn't heard these takes in 25 years, but when we unearthed them co-producer Ben Keith said, 'This is a treasure.'"

Part of what makes 'A Treasure' so compelling is the musical contributions of The International Harvesters, with whom Young was playing at the time. Many of them were already paragons within the country music world and their notoriety has only grown in the years since. "I just love to hear those guys," Young says. "They're all country music legends." Those behind the scenes also made significant contributions to 'A Treasure's sonic potency. Tim Mulligan mixed and mastered the tracks. At the time these songs were recorded, Bob Sterne was the tour manager, Tim Foster ran the stage, and Larry Cragg was in charge of the band's instruments.

Disc 1 - CD:
1. Amber Jean (9/20/84) Nashville Now TV Nashville, Tn
2. Are You Ready for the Country? (9/21/84) Riverbend Music Center Cincinnati, Oh
3. It Might Have Been 9/25/84 Austin City Limits TV Austin, Texas
4. Bound for Glory 9/29/84 Gilleys's Rodeo Arena Pasadena, Tx
5. Let Your Fingers Do the Walking (10/22/84) Universal Amphitheater Universal City, Ca
6. Flying on the Ground is Wrong (10/26/84) Greek Theater Berkeley, Ca
7. Motor City (10/26/84) Greek Theater Berkeley, Ca
8. Soul of a Woman (10/26/84) Greek Theater Berkeley, Ca
9. Get Back to the Country (10/26/84) Greek Theater Berkeley, Ca
10. Southern Pacific (9/1/85) Minnesota State Fair St. Paul, Mn
11. Nothing is Perfect (9/1/85) Minnesota State Fair St. Paul, Mn
12. Grey Riders (9/10/85) Pier 84 New York City, NY

Disc 2 - Blu-ray Disc:
1. Amber Jean (video)
2. Are You Ready For The Country? (video)
3. It Might Have Been (video)
4. Bound For Glory (video)
5. Let Your Fingers Do The Walking (video)
6. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong (video)
7. Motor City (video)
8. Soul Of A Woman (video)
9. Get Back To The Country (video)
10. Southern Pacific (video)
11. Nothing Is Perfect (video)
12. Grey Riders (video)

Bonus Features:
13. BBC Interview (video)
14. NYA Trailer (video)
15. Tech Notes And Credits (video)
16. Shakey Fanfare (video)

Product Details

Artist: Neil Young & The International Harvesters
Album: A Treasure (CD/Blu Ray Disc)
Cat #: 9362495752
Date: 20/06/2011
Format: Other
Discs: 2
Usually Ships: 2 - 6 Days
Genres: Country , Pop , Rock
Normally: $34.95
SmokeCDs Price: $32.95
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A Treasure - Neil Young & The International Harvesters
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A Treasure
Neil Young & The International Harvesters
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