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Suede (3CD/DVD Deluxe Edition)


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SmokeCDs Price: $32.95
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Smoke Notes

Named in 2010 as the best debut album of 1993 by the NME, 'Suede' was the fastest-selling debut album ever in the UK, and went on to win 1993's Mercury Music Prize. This deluxe re-mastered edition features all the non-album b-sides, as well as demos from the collections of Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler, including two previously unreleased songs.

The DVD features the newly-discovered and previously-unseen exciting footage of the band at The Leadmill in Sheffield in February 1993, filmed between the recording and the release of the debut album. The bonus feature is a February 2011 interview with Brett and Bernard about the making of the album, along with a short film put together by Simon Gilbert from his own contemporary camcorder footage.

The booklet contains a specially-written note by Brett Anderson, along with all the lyrics, hand-written lyric drafts and tape boxes, and previously unpublished photos from the collections of both the band and their friends.

"Borrowing heavily from David Bowie and the Smiths, Suede forge a distinctively seductive sound on their eponymous album. Guitarist Bernard Butler has a talent for crafting effortlessly catchy, crunching glam hooks like the controlled rush of "Metal Mickey" and the slow, sexy grind of "The Drowners," but he also can construct grand, darkly romantic soundscapes like the sighing "Sleeping Pills" and the tortured "Pantomime Horse." What brings these elegant sounds to life is Brett Anderson, who invests them with bed-sit angst and seamy sex. Anderson's voice is calculatedly affected and theatrical, but it fits the grand emotion of his self-consciously poetic lyrics. Suede are working-class lads striving for glamour, and they achieve it by piecing together remnants of the past with pieces of the present, never forgetting the value of a strong hook in the process. And while the sound of Suede frequently recalls the peak of glam rock, its punk-influenced passion and self-conscious appropriation of the past make it thoroughly postmodern. Coincidentally, its embrace of trashy pop helped usher in an era of Britpop, but few bands captured the theatrical melancholy that gave Suede such resonance."
- All Music Guide

Disc 1 - CD:
1. So Young
2. Animal Nitrate
3. She's Not Dead
4. Moving
5. Pantomine Horse
6. Drowners, The
7. Sleeping Pills
8. Breakdown
9. Metal Mickey
10. Animal Lover
11. Next Life, The
12. Drowners, The
13. Metal Mickey
14. Pantomine Horse
15. He's Dead
16. Moving
17. To The Birds
18. Sleeping Pills

Disc 2 - CD:
1. My Insatiable One
2. To The Birds
3. He's Dead
4. Where The Pigs Don't Fly
5. Painted People
6. Big Time, The
7. High Rising
8. Dolly
9. My Insatiable One
10. Brass In Pocket
11. Diesel
12. Stars On 45
13. Just A Girl - Suede & Justine Frischmann
14. Sleeping Pills

Disc 3 - DVD:
1. Drowners, The
2. Metal Mickey
3. Animal Nitrate
4. So Young
5. Drowners, The
6. Animal Nitrate
7. Metal Mickey
8. Moving
9. My Insatiable One
10. Animal Nitrate
11. Pantomine Horse
12. Drowners, The
13. Painted People
14. So Young
15. Animal Lover
16. Sleeping Pills
17. To The Birds
18. Next Life, The
19. Moving
20. Animal Nitrate
21. My Insatiable One
22. Metal Mickey
23. Pantomine Horse
24. He's Dead
25. Drowners, The
26. Painted People
27. She's Not Dead
28. To The Birds
29. Sleeping Pills
30. So Young
31. Brett Anderson And Bernard Butler 2011 Interview

Product Details

Artist: Suede
Album: Suede (3CD/DVD Deluxe Edition)
Cat #: 5249861502
Date: 20/06/2011
Format: Audio CD & DVD
Discs: 3
Usually Ships: 2 - 6 Days
Genres: Pop
Normally: $34.95
SmokeCDs Price: $32.95
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